In the wrorld of keyboards, the 'full-size" moedels get all the glory. Whether it's the Vox Continental, Farfisa Compact Duo, Deluxe or Professional. Yet, there were times when the monster board just was too much; the big Farfisas and Yammies weighed up to 100+ lbs and a guitar player could get a real hate on for you with that kind of action. This was the time when the Mini-Compact and Combo Compact, Jaguar and that kind of organ was called upon. It was not until much later in time that the "Junior" models got any run, Even the Lowly Ace Tone Top 5 now has a following. In that spirit, I present...


This tiny inscect makes its presence known well beyond its diminutive size. 16', 8', and 4' tabs provide the basic sound which is given bite with a tone control. Depth; light/heavy and Speed; slow/fast tabs control the foot activated vibrato. Make your presence known as well.

LIke its feard namesake this power-packed peewee is a hard worker with a bite. 16', 8' and 4' drawbars team up with Flute, String and Reed voice drawbars. knobs control the rate and depth of the footswitch-activated vibrato. Add a choice of bass pre-sets; Off (plays the treble voices on the full keyboard), 13-note mellow, 13-note sharp, 25-note mellow and 25-note sharp with its own volume control and you'll steal the whole picnic.

What's buzzin' cousin? This black and yellow beauty combines five voice tabs; Flute, String, Brass, Reed and Clarinet (square wave) with five footage couplers: 16', 8', 4' and Mix IV; 5-1/3', 2-2/3', 2' and 1-3/5' to give you soaring chords or stinging lead lines. Knobs control the foot-activated vibrato. This little bugger can fly!

Known for its sting that can drop animals much larger than itself, the brown wasp is feared by all that come into contact with it. Five voices, Flute, String, Brass, Reed and Clarinet are footage-coupled to 16', 8', 4' and Mix IV; 5-1/3', 2-2/3', 2' and 1-3/5' and knob-variable foot activated vibrato. Add bass off (treble across all 4 octaves)/on, Bass Ext to 2 octaves and tone mellow/sharp and a bass volume. This bug stings!

Sitting at the top of the bug food chain, the Mantis is run by 3 banks of controls. A four voice, 16', 8', 5-1/3' and 4', Chords section shares the lower keyboard with bass. seletable from off; no bass, Bass/Chord; a low-note priority bass note is added to any chord played in the first or first two octaves. and Solo Bass; blocks treble voices from the selected octaves . controlled by the tabs; Extend from 13 to 25 notes, Tone, Mellos/Sharp, Percussion on/off, Percussion length long/short. Next comes a bank of knobs: Tone and Volume for the lower keyboard, bass volume and Rate and Depth for the foot-activated Vibrato.. Now add the top keyboard voices; Footage Couplers 16', 8', 4' and Mix IV 5-1/3', 2-2/3', 2' and 1-3/5' control Flute, String, Brass, Reed and Clarinet. Anything else is just dinner!