ABOUT FirstStringers

This site is built around much of the discussion of the Yahoo group allied to Combo Organ Heaven.

When I joined that group I met others who, while the interest in this instrument was a uniting force. had other musical interests and who represented a pool of talent (OK Robert, Simon, Kirk, Blair...have at it!) and have special input here.

That site owes its existence to the earlier, now defunct, COMBO ORGAN HELL and the group came together around one of the chapters in Mark Vail's vintage Synthesizers. This was the chapter about combo orgnas written by Barry Carson. whom I am trying to maneuver into doing a book on the instrument which created much of the distinct sound of the music of the middle 1960's.

This site gets it's name from 3 sources

  • The starters on any sports team, hence the best, are called "first stringers"
  • The 12-string guitar, especially as used by the Byrds
  • The string ensembe synthesizers of the 1970's, of which I would like to have as extensive a library of as Combo Organ Heaven has of combo organs The better parts of this music formed the basis for the Classic Rock genre.

    However, there is another class of instruments that came out of the middle 1970's which, so far, does not have a central "hub" if you will and that is what I have set out to address here and hope to have as the major part of this site: The String Synthesizer is what it is officially called. more colloquially, and correctly, since it uses very few of the synthesizer modules, String ensemble, ensamble keyboard or 'string machine". The names that come to mind are ARP/Solina IV, Multivox, ARP Omni I & II, Crumar Orchestrator, Moog Opus 3 and Sequential Circuits Prelude.

    This site also includes the other interests we have as will for the sake of completeness, such as synths, Hammonds, the 12-string guitar and exotic instruments